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Stacy and Kelly were just two normal engaged gals, blogging about their weddings and excited for the future. However, they realized that they couldn’t post just anything on the internet. Bitching about vendors and family was kept to a minimum. They thought about going completely anonymous, but realized that blogging truly anonymously isn’t fun…

That’s when Letters from a Pissed Off Bride was born. A place for pissed off brides everywhere to submit anything about anyone, completely anonymously. And a place for them to see that they’re not alone.

About Stacy

Stacy loves her fiance, but the wedding process….not so much. The wedding date couldn’t come soon enough, but until then she crafts and sews and reads to maintain her sense of self outside of being a bride. You can read more about her keep-it-simple wedding over at You Can’t Take It With You. She loves the upbeat, cheery atmosphere of the wedding blogosphere but wants to hear how it really is, too!

About Kelly

Kelly loves pugs, marginally less than she loves her fiance, but close nonetheless. Thirteen months into her engagement, wedding planning has plummeted on her “loves” list, from top five to somewhere around brussels sprouts. Besides blogging and planning, Kelly is a glorified secretary and huge pug rescue advocate/volunteer. She blogs about her pugtastic wedding over at Miss Pug’s Pawfect Wedding. This negative Nancy loves commiserating with brides about the pitfalls of planning- so share away!

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