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Cross Country Nonsense

June 23, 2010
Dear dearest girlfriend who happens to live across the country,

I am sorry that you are bad with managing your money but that is why 
we gave you a year and a half notice to save up and look for flights 
at the best rates possible for our wedding. I am sorry that we have 
other friends that are also getting married this year that also mean 
you need to travel and that you waited until the last minute to buy 
that plane ticket and it cost you $400.

I am sorry you are feeling "overwhelmed" and that you feel that you 
can't purchase your flight for our wedding until after the other 
wedding is over especially since that means you will once again be 
paying $400 for a plane ticket when i have spent the last year sending 
you bargain tickets, even on virgin america for $223!!!

We are graciously providing free accommodations on our wedding night 
AND I am allowing you to stay with ME in my BRIDAL SUITE the night 
before my wedding so that you do not need to pay for a room the night 
before the event but can still join in the festivities. I have 
arranged for you to join other friends and share transportation to the 
hotel but that means you would have to book a flight so that you 
arrive together! THEY even sent you their travel info, a flight for 
$299, but you couldn't book it! Now that flight is $400 and i feel 
badly but I really feel that it's not fair for me to feel badly any 
more when i have offered so much assistance already. I have been 
working so hard to plan this wedding and the fact that i am working so 
hard to help you with no response is driving me nuts.

I love you, you are one of my closest girlfriends but what am I 
supposed to do? Buy your plane ticket too? I'm sorry but we are 
providing hotels and two nights full of gourmet meals for 120 guests, 
not to mention booze and entertainment - we're a little strapped for 
cash at the moment as well.

When I hear from a third party that you have been complaining about 
the weddings you are being forced to attend and how much it is going 
to cost you I cant help but feel pissed off rather than sorry. when 
you call me and tell me that you spoke to a mutual friend that is 
attending a wedding in the carribean and all that she has to pay for 
is a flight I can't help but be pissed off. When I tell you thats all 
you have to pay for as well and you proceed to tell me I should have 
made the free hotel room more well known at first I back peddled, it's 
on our website, its the first item under "out of towners." The fact 
that you have yet to even visit the site though it was plastered 
across our save the date says something in and of itself.

After our conversation I considered making the free hotel room perk 
more prevalent and including it in our invitation package - but NO! We 
shouldn't have to BRIBE our guests to come to our wedding!!! A free 
room is meant to be an unexpected treat for our friends and family 
that are making the trip to be there and celebrate with us. If you 
NEED a basket full of freebies to be persuaded to come to our wedding 
then please, dont come.

I know you will come, I know you will have a great time, and I know 
you will probably continue to complain about it. I hope you can act 
like an adult and try and take care of yourself and find a way to get 
here. If you need help, you know I am willing to provide it but I 
cannot hold each of our 120 guests hands and walk them into the hotel 
or drive them all to the ceremony - you can handle it I know you can, 
we've given you all of the tools, but I'm so tired of trying to help 
make things easy for you and as the day approaches I'm frankly too 
busy and have to think about myself for once.

Please get your s*** together,

I love you but i'm pissed off
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  1. Caz permalink
    June 25, 2010 12:27 am

    Wait till she declares she needs to bring a date! I can smell that one coming.

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