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Biology is Often Unfortunate

June 22, 2010

Dear sister,

Well, not that you ever acted like a real sister to me, but since we have the same parents, I guess I’m stuck with you.

I will not get into details about how unsupportive and mean you have been all these years…I will not speak about how delusional you were about your own wedding (which is still to this day the worst and tackiest wedding I’ve ever attended) and how much of a pain you have been ever since I started planning my own wedding.

I will only say, that I will forever regret asking you to help me with my day-of-coordinator…because you will now brag forever about how I was unable to deal with my own wedding. Comes my big day, you will probably tell every guest who’s interested in hearing you (and those who are uninterested too) that I left everything in your hands…when all I did was in fact, ask you to call my d-o-c to check if the tables linens at the venue were the right color.

Good Lord I didn’t ask you to call the florist too!

I guess it’s not only the in-laws that can drive a bride crazy…

Hope one day you can stop being such a b*tch!

The future bride, your sister (who’s embarassed to be your sister)

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