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C’est La Vie

June 18, 2010

Dear Friend Who’s Moving and I’m Sooo Glad!!!!

Let me be the first one to wish you farewell to your final Midwest destination. Although I have nothing wrong with cowboys and mountain views, you sure seem to be apprehensive about the whole thing. I would be too if I was only marrying someone because I was older than my friend who just got engaged. It’s been such a joy having you go on and on about your wedding too like it’s the only thing on earth, even though I’m planning my very own wedding, with a guy I’ve been with longer. I’m just glad we’re so different and there are so many options out there for weddings now-a-days with all the blogs and creative brides out there. That’s why I’m so glad that when I did share all my ideas with you, because we were going through the “process” together, you didn’t make me regret it!

Cheers and thanks for changing your wedding from a Japanese garden theme to a tropical destination just like mine. Thanks so much for also moving your date up sooner, making our friends choose which destination wedding to go to know. I’m just so glad I didn’t even get a chance to send out my Save the Dates yet, being that I got yours in the mail today and it was the same one I showed you I was going to use. And, a special thank you, for making that choice extra enticing to our friends, by choosing the same website as mine too! I’m so glad you enjoyed my wedding so much you decided to have an identical one of your own! Seeing as I’m probably not going to attend, as well as half your guests, given you didn’t really give them enough time for that sort of thing, I wont get the opportunity to see what other ideas of mine your stealing. I’m sure I’ll here about them at my wedding though when our friends tell me they saw it just a couple months before. Thanks for making all my planning and research worth creating such a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Well, C’est La Vie and I’m going to miss watching you hit on guys at bars and get your last hoorah in before you move to the middle of know where with a guy you’re taking for a ride. I do wish you a long marriage, rich with cow manure.

Take care,

The better planner bride

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